Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd


Besmindo is trading as BESMINDO KEMAMAN SEMESTA SDN. BHD was established in 2001 at Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia as a result of our clients’ requests to open machine shop at their oil filed location. The reason of this invitation is because of their satisfaction with our quality product and services provided at Indonesia. Kemaman is the main hub for oil & gas activities in Peninsular Malaysia. We are proud to announce that we were the pioneer to provide wear resistance services for stabilize and motor sleeve through the application of various type of hard facing.

Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd provided repair services such as Hardfacing/redressing of steel & Monel stabilizer for down hole drilling equipment, Threading for Tenaris DSTJ & DSTJ ST connection (BKS is the 1st Licensee who qualified to re-cut this connection in the world), We also able to repair BHI-T2 connection and fabricate Non Magnetic stainless steel/ Alloy Steel cross over, Float sub and Bit sub & etc.

As part of Besmindo Group policy and vision to provide quality products and services to our clients, Besmindo Kemaman Semesta embarked in late 2004 to obtain API Certification. We obtained API license in early 2005 when we were awarded the prestigious API license for SPEC 7-1 drilling tool joints.

In mid 2005 we have setting up another branch at Labuan to fulfill our customer need, and at late 2005 Besmindo Kemaman Semesta (Labuan)was established. We again were the pioneer to provide wear resistance services for stabilizer and motor sleeve through the application of various hard facing at Labuan.

Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd recently also certified to machine premium thread connection such as:

i. Grant Prideco connection (HT, XT, XTF, SST, GPDS, uGPDS, Turbo-Torque TT)
ii. Command Energy (CDS) Connection
iii. Tenaris Hydril License (DSTJ & DSTJ ST, PH4, PH6 & CS)
iv. TPS Technitube Germany connection (TPS-6 ,TPS-8 and 5-1/2” TPS 4)
v. Taxes Steel Conversion INC (TSDS Thread)

In 2011, we have bring in our 1st 10” CNC Lathe Machine and in late 2013 and mid of 2014, BKS had increased its capacity to bring in another 2ea of 10” CNC lathe machine and a Milling machine to mill the spiral blade of the stabilizer and Sleeve. BKS had been equipped with total of 3ea CNC lathe machine, 3ea Semi Auto Lathe, 2ea Manual Lathe, 3ea Milling machine and a grinding machine.

Continues Improvement of quality and business expansion to fulfill our customer satisfaction is always our target, due to the good reputation of the company, BKS has been invited by our prime customer to set up another new machine shop at Port Klang Free Zone to support the repair for all the down hole equipment. At Jan 2015, Besmindo Kemaman Semesta (Port Klang Free Zone) was established and BKSP is embarking to obtain API license.

It is always our vision to continue improve our quality and services as a commitment to our local or international customer from Vietnam, India, Thailand, Australia or even Japan.

Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd (Labuan)


Besmindo is trading as Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd (Labuan)

In mid 2005 we expanded to Labuan at the request of our well known service company clients, and in late 2005 the facility in Labuan was established. We again were the pioneer in providing corrosion services for stabilizers and motor sleeves through the application of tungsten carbide hard facing.

As part of our group policy and vision in providing quality products and services to our clients, Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd (Labuan) embarked in late 2007 to obtain API Certification. We attained our licenses in March 2008 when we were awarded the prestigious API license for Spec 7 – 1 (7-0603) and qualified to re cut CDS-50 connection with Certification Licensee No. CDS-014. Follow by Grant Prideco Certification (17-1524a) in 2012 which certified us to re-cut GPDS, HT, XT, XT-F & XT-M series connections.

In order to support the local market demands and the customer needs, we had equipped with 3 new model CNC lathes and 3 semi-auto lathes with the maximum 14” of spindle bore.More ever, we have 1 Unit of Heavy Duty Crankshaft Grinding Machine which can grind up to 33” OD Hole size with 4 meters length.

Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd. (Labuan) emphasize on Health, Safety and Environmental management throughout their operation. Sufficient annual budget being allocate for the HSE programs. Risk assessment being carried out before job commenced. All staff strictly follows the safety operating procedure when doing their jobs. Competent person being appointed to manage the scheduled waste generated.


Besmindo Kemaman Semesta Sdn. Bhd (Port Klang Free Zone)

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Besmindo has a purpose built facility at Port Klang Free Zone since January 2015 with 11,000 square feet of warehouse, complete with dedicate power supply with firefighting and alarm facility. The PKFZ facility also has 3 tons overhead crane operational for utilization of material handling in the warehouse. The facility is able to ramp up every quickly as the available infrastructure is excellent. This facility currently has covered operation for repair and fabricate all down-hole tools for all the oilfield service provider at this region. Within this facility, Besmindo employs the use of industrial leading computer controlled (CNC) lathes which provide a broad range of oilfield accessories and services. All Product manufactured by BKSP are traceable to the original material mill certificate which ensures product integrity. We are geared up to meet customer deadline and able to meet your urgent requirements by transforming our stock material, ready for shipment within 24 hours.

We also fabricate customized design down-hole equipment or tooling & all the repair and manufacturing service are in-line with the strict tolerance of the customer’s specification. At BKSP, we provide various type hard facing for wear resistant of the equipment and welding is perform to the industry approved specification, quality is assured by NDE such as MPI & DPI.

We have advanced equipment, credible quality, strict Quality system and have great reputation in oil & Gas industries. To fulfill the quality requirement of ours customer, we just been incorporated only about a year and has received API 7-1 certificate on March, 8th 2016. With our Motto “Where Quality and Delivery are the #1 Priority” We believed we can bring and committed to provide sincere services and high quality products to all our customer.