Besmindotama Semesta PT


Besmindo is trading as PT BESMINDOTAMA SEMESTA since its inception in 1991 has been the pioneer of the group and has been providing quality products and reputable services to our international and national clients such as Halliburton, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Conoco-Phillips Indonesia Inc, Medco Drilling, Pertamina, and others.

In line with our group policy and vision in providing quality products and services to our clients, PT Besmindotama Semesta embarked in mid 1995 to obtain certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API), which is the main governing body and highest authority relating to oil & gas industries. In early 1997, PT Besmindotama Semesta was awarded the prestigious API licenses for :

Spec 5CT (5CT-0422) for threader.
Spec 6A (6A – 0732) for Tees and Crosses : Adapter and Spacer Spools at PSL 1 & 2 : Flanged Connectors at PSL 1 and 2 Threaded Connector at PSL 1 & 2.
Spec 7 – 1 (7-1-0254) for Drill Stem Subs and Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections.

Besmindo then focused on improving its Quality Management System by attaining ISO 9001:1994 in year 2000. The certification was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 (APIQR 0172) in 2009. During these years we also began providing wear resistance layers for heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars and stabilizers through the application of tungsten carbide hard facing by welding (which also known as hard-banding).

Besmindo then began a diversification effort; we started to manufacture new flanges with sealing areas protected with an overlay of Duplex Stainless 347, or Inconel 625 in order to prevent corrosion.

In that year, we were also appointed as the authorized repair facility for Grant Prideco (Grant Prideco Double Shoulder (GPDS) eXtreme Torque (XT) Hi Torque (HT) : 17-1456-a); Grant Prideco is regarded among the top three companies in the world for drill pipe and is renowned in the oil & gas industries for their high torque threads.

We also have Certificate of Authorized Tenaris Hydril NKK DSTJ Licensee,(161).

We continue to improve our quality and services as a commitment to our international and national clients. We are also proud to announce that we have further diversified in the fabrication of ‘fish baskets’ and offshore containers used for support of offshore lifting equipment (Cargo Carrying Unit).

Our machining production line equipped with 3 units 10” CNC lathe machines & 7 units Semi Automatic lathe machines which can support any demand on fabricating and/or repairing the thread connection with “express speed” services and well trained machinists with tool life time benefit orientation that give efficient tool joint cutting plan which make your drilling tool life time lasting longer.

Recently, we are granted license to cut & threading TSDS thread connections from Texas Steel Corp. and certified as welding services workshop for fabricating & repairing drilling tools & equipment for Geothermal drilling service by Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources Republic Indonesia.

Besmindotama Semesta (Cikarang)


Besmindotama Semesta Cikarang (BTSC) was establish in 2010 due to expansion of Besmindotama Semesta facility which too small to fabricate OFFSHORE containers under BSEN 12079 / DNV 2.7-1 , API wellhead and threading big size of API casing.

BTSC plan only 2 km away from BTS facility and total area is 25,000 m sq with consist of threading plan , welding area , hydrotest, sand blasting and painting facility.

With BTSC plan, our Besmindo group become more stronger to penetrate offshore container / CCU business , threading 20” casing and wellhead market .

We also successfully fabricate pressurized container zone 1 / 2 and slickline unit .